Call for Papers (AFIR/ERM - LIFE - PBSS)

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As you may know, these Colloquia are organized as to promote the publication of papers that contribute to the betterment and enhancement of the Actuarial Profession. They bring together both academics and practitioners, and provide an outstanding forum for the exchange of knowledge among actuaries of different countries and different disciplines in the application of research to practical problems. They also allow participants to keep up to date with the fast changes occurring in the actuarial profession.

We are sure you are aware that the most important part of the Colloquia is the presentation of papers by participants. We invite you to submit a paper for presentation during these events.

Guidelines for submitting papers for the AFIR/ERM - LIFE - PBSS Colloquia:
For revision and planning purposes, an abstract should be submitted to the e-mail address indicated at the bottom of the colloquium contribution page no later than March 18th, 2013. Please include the title of the paper in the subject of the e-mail. Abstracts may be written in English or French. At a minimum, the abstract should describe the problem or topic being addressed as well as the main results or conclusions, and a list of keywords. A short resume of the authors, as well as contact information of at least one of the authors should also be included. Acknowledgement that your abstract has been received will be sent by March 5th, 2013. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact Eliane Rouland (

The deadline for submitting scientific papers in their final form will be March 31st, 2013. Please include the title of the paper in the subject of the e-mail and use the e-mail address indicated at the bottom of the colloquium contribution page. All papers should be submitted in PDF format.

Papers in their final form should be written in English or French and be between 5 and 30 pages in length. The first page of the paper should only contain title, name(s), affiliation, address, e-mail address, abstract, and keywords. The main text should start on page 2. Pages must be numbered. References must be organized alphabetically, multiple references for a single author must be ordered chronologically. Journal references must include author, year, title, journal title, volume and pages. Book references must include author, year, title, editor and city.

The evaluation process will be conducted by the Scientific Committee, and notification of acceptance will be made by April 30th, 2013

Unless explicitly specified and in order to optimize the reviewing process among the Scientific Committees, the organizing committee mayreallocate your submission to one of the two others IAA colloquia.

The authors of the two best papers as determined by the colloquium Scientific Committee will be waived the registration fee to the Colloquia. In addition authors of accepted papers will receive a 33% discount on the registration fees or, alternatively can attend free of cost to the sessions on the day of their presentation.



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