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Essays on the Construction and Validation of Specific Prospective Mortality Tables (Presentation) (Video)

Julien Tomas, Frédéric Planchet

Fast Change Detection on Proportional Two-Population Hazard Rates (Presentation) (Video)

Yahia Salhi, Stéphane Loisel, Nicole El Karoui, Christian Mazza

Modelling Causal Mortality and the Impact of
Cause-Elimination (Presentation) (Video)

Daniel Alai, Séverine Gaille, Michael Sherris

Mortality: A statistical approach to detect model misspecification (Presentation) (Video)

Jean-Charles Croix, Frédéric Planchet, Pierre Thérond

Modeling Mortality of Multiple Populations with Vector Error Correction Models: Applications to Solvency II (Presentation) (Video)

Rui Zhou, Yujiao Wang, Kai Kaufhold, Johnny S.-H., Ken Seng Tan

Construction des lois d'expérience en présence d'événements concurrents (Presentation) (Video)

Quentin Guibert, Frédéric Planchet

A survival analysis of policyholder behaviour : prediction of lapses (Presentation) (Video)

Xavier Milhaud

A semi-Markov model to investigate the different transitions between states of dependency in elderly people (Presentation) (Video)

Vincent Lepez, Svetlana Roganova, Antoine Flahault

Micro Simulation Study of Life Insurance Business (Presentation) (Video)

Lauri Saraste, Timo Salminen, Lasse Koskinen

Health insurance pricing in Spain: Consequences and alternatives (Presentation) (Video)

Anna Castaner, M. Mercè Claramunt, Carmen Ribas

Dependent Interest and Transition Rates in Life Insurance (Presentation) (Video)

Kristian Buchardt

A partial internal model for longevity risk (Presentation) (Video)

Søren Fiig Jarner, Thomas Møller

Systematic Mortality Risk: An Analysis of Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits in Variable Annuities (Presentation) (Video)

Man Chung (Simon) Fung, Katja Ignatieva, Michael Sherris

Provisionnement des rentes viagères en Algérie entre approche statique et approche prospective

Farid Flici

Mortality models: comparison and application in old-age populations of selected countries (Video)

Brian Hu

Catastrophic Mortality Bonds: An Effective Hedge? (Video)

Alex Huynh, Bridget Browne, Aaron Bruhn

Practical Considerations in Evaluating a Long-term Care Securitization (Presentation) (Video)

Doug Andrews, Jaideep Oberoi

Assurance dépendance : premiers retours d'expérience sur le risque de maintien (Presentation) (Video)

Christian Gibot, Voahirana Ranaivozananyia, Cédric Atchama

The Future of Mortality (Presentation) (Video) Al Klein




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