Articles et présentations - Congrs PBSS



Market Consistent Valuation of Cash Balance Liabilities

M. Hardy, Saunders D.,  Zhu X.

Analysis of objective oriented perspectives for the calculation of Solvency Capital Requirement for pension funds (Presentation) Clever S., Beckstette A., Zwiesler H.-J.
Regulatory Environment and Pension Investment Performance (Presentation) Boon L.N., Brière M., Gressez C., Werker B. J.M.
Redistribution and capital market impacts: principles and scope for actuarial involvement (Presentation) Asher A.
The Application of a Sustainability Factor in Spain's Social Security System Bosch-Princeps M., Vilalta de Miguel D., Lopez Morillo I., Roch Casellas O.
La refonte de la Directive IORP : problématiques quantitatives (Presentation) Wesner N.
Milestones of the Greek 2010 pension reform, Time and Macroeconomic shifts. The Example of the IKA - ETAM fund (Presentation) Papamichail M.
The Essence of Social Security:  Debunked Myths (Presentation) Brown R.L.
How to balance adequacy of coverage with financial sustainability? Hagemejer K.
Automatic Balancing Mechanisms (Presentation) Sakamoto J.
Addressing the Inflation Concerns for Public Pension Plan in China (Presentation) Wang W.
The Fifth Generation of Actuaries and their Role in Defined Contribution Schemes Del Barco I.
Système de Sécurité Sociale pour les Paysans Indigènes de l'Equateur (Presentation) Ibarra R.
AIJ Scandal and the Future of Occupational Pensions in Japan (Presentation) Ono M.
The Current Issues of Pension Schemes in Japan (Presentation) Katayose I.
Optimal Asset Allocation with Macroeconomics Conditions and Labor Income Uncertainty Monter R.
Stochastic Simulation of Individual Retirement Accounts in Mexico (Replacement Rates Comparison) (Presentation) Salgado J.G., Contreras Cruz C.
Automatic adjustment mechanisms and budget balancing of pension schemes (Presentation) Gannon F., Touzé V., Legros F.




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