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International Actuarial Notes (IANs)

International actuarial notes are educational and non-binding in nature. They show practices commonly used by actuaries and are not intended to define the practice or practices that would be adopted by all actuaries. Their purpose is to familiarize the actuary with approaches that might be taken in the practice area in question. They also serve to demonstrate to clients and other stakeholders, and to non-actuaries who carry out similar work, how the actuarial profession may approach the subject matter.

The current IANs are numbered IAN 2 to IAN 12. The former IAN 1 was withdrawn when the IAA issued ISAP 2 (Financial Analysis of Social Security Programs), while IAN 2 has been superseded by ISAP 1. As a result, IAN 2 has been revoked as of 28 March 2014 because much of its content has been moved into ISAP 1. However, the content that was not moved to ISAP 1 may still be of use to actuaries performing financial reporting work related to IFRS and thus this revoked IAN 2 remains available (in the superseded IANs section of the website). IANs 3-12 provide educational guidance to the application of the current IFRS 4 (IASB standard for insurance contracts) and will be repealed once new IANs are developed that will apply to the new IASB standard for Insurance Contracts.

Current IANs

Superseded IANs

IANs Under Development